Caribbean Heritage [Part 3 of 3]

Food of the Caribbean

Traditional island cuisine results from a mélange of cultural influences. The islands have been fought over and owned by various European powers – mainly the British, French, and Spanish. All of these cultures, as well as their respective culinary traditions, have played a role in forming the multi-national cuisine of the Caribbean. Food historians claim that the Caribs began the institution of spicing food with chili peppers, a culinary feature maintained today.

Because the islands are multicultural, there are distinct regional differences in the authentic cuisine of the Caribbean. Islands like Puerto Rico and Cuba have distinct Spanish-influenced food. Guadeloupe and Martinique are French-owned; their native cuisine has obvious ties to France. Jamaica is rich in African culture, even though it was a British colony until 1958.

South America introduced its native potatoes and passion fruit to Caribbean cuisine. And Mexico’s donations include papaya, avocado, chayote, and cocoa. Although it is difficult to generalize about Caribbean cuisine, it remains exquisite. Whether dining on conch in the Bahamas or the Caymans or Callaloo in Tobago, Ackee and Jerk from Jamaica, or simply eating a passion fruit right off the tree, you will know that Caribbean cuisine is food of the gods.

Economics & other contributions
Don’t forget that the ethnic food travels with the community, hence the development of an economic base and an identity of our Caribbean community at home and especially at our “home away from home.”

Caribbean Nationals support their families back home. Caribbean immigrants are very involved in their adopted homes, they are business owners, educators, nurses, doctors, elected officials and contributing citizens wherever they resides and in whatever they do. Immigration creates economics and trade. Immigrants bring value to communities and a flavor to a developing global community.

Caribbean countries are major trading partners with the USA and especially Florida.

Be Proud of Your Heritage.